Saturday, August 20, 2005

Gym Notes 

-Travis is the hottest of all the Brea 24 hour fitness trainers. No, I take that back. He's probably the hottest of all the 24 hour trainers. He's my new future husband.

-I find myself getting really annoyed at the people who talk on their cellphones on the elliptical, treadmill, whatever. I don't know why it annoys me, it just does.

-30 minutes on the new treadclimber can be a 400+ calorie workout. That is, however, if you can get on one. There's only 4 and 2 are usually broken.

-Dance Jam with Julie is still the raddest class.

-There is a lot of really good male scenery at the gym.

-The best part about going to the gym on my lunch hour is that I can watch Days of our Lives, which I haven't watched on a regular basis in almost 2 years. (Frankie is back? WTF??)

-My least favorite machines are the leg extension and the abdominal one where you sit up and pull the bar from over your head and lift with your legs so you crunch up like a clam. Oh, and shoulder press. Hate shoulder press.

-I wish tht women would choose to have their long conversations on say, the butterfly machine, and not the hip adductor (the one where you're spread eagle and squeeze the pads together Suzanne Sommers Thighmaster*(tm) style.) They always seem to be hogging that machine and that always seems to be the machine that I'm trying to get on and keep coming back to see if it's free but it's not because these bitches are talking about bloating or some crap on it.

-During the week after work, I always wait to weigh myself until one of the brokers I'm hot for at work does his ab workout on the mats, because the scale is right behind the mats and if I weigh myself then, I can usually get a good glimpse up his shorts.

-I really hate it because my headlights are turned on at the gym about 90% of the time. I look at the other women's tittays and their nipples aren't poking out, so why the hell are mine all the time?

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Happy 100th to me, Happy 100th to me 

According to my "blogger dashboard" this here is my 100th post. I started this puppy about a year and a half ago (and before you start ragging on me for having a lot of time to post 100 entries, think about how it's been spread out over 18 months, as well as the fact that you're reading them =) Anyway, I wasn't sure what to post about for my 100th entry, so I thought I would post an entry from my actual diary from a few years back. A lot of the sutff I wrote in there I would dare not write for the public (which must puzzle you since I pretty candid on this forum), but this entry is pretty tame. I started this diary when I was unemployed after graduation and waiting to become a substitute teacher (a tedious process for those who weren't aware). It was a pretty frustrating time in my life. It was shortly after 9/11 so I was depressed and scared, and I had been out of work for several months, so I was poor and frustrated by everyone asking me, "found a job yet?" (The frustration level is similar to now with every other person asking, "when are you ever going to be done with school?") I wrote Bridget Jones style, listing my weight that day and any other random facts. For example,

Friday 12 April 2002
weight: I don't know, but people seem to think I'm losing weight so I'll just agree with them
fatigue level: High. Two days in a row subbing zero period for Mr. England
cars purchased: 1
# of parents needed to co-sign for auto loan: 0 (v.g.)

A lot of my posts talked about my sub jobs and shifts at On The Border, interactions with friends, struggles to lose weight, goals for the future, and of course, of my then romantic focus - Texas. My Texas posts were similar to my Canadian posts here, only more complaining than raving. It's kinda of cool to be able to go back to something that captures the exact kind of person you were during a certain time frame. I hope I keep up with this or some kind of real diary for the rest of my life. But anyway, I digress.....here is a clip from Nov. 27th, 2001. I was finally subbing and had just got back from Laughlin with Erica for Thanksgiving.

>>Now the day is almost over. I'm in 6th period watching a western called, Shane. Last period was cool because we watched The Odyssey. That's one of the great things about subbing. i get to read and watch old stories. Last week I got to read part of Bridget Jones's Diary (how convenient, eh?) as well as Anastasia Krupnick - a story I haven't read in ages. In honor of revisiting this fine 4th grade level story of a quirky girl who likes to make lists, I think I'll make one of my own....

Things I Like:
-alcohol - specifically midori, vodka and chambord (not necessarily mixed)
-6th period prep ( though I'm yet to land one)
-Thrifty's ice cream
-old hats
-baseball playing firefighters who like Dave Matthews band and have cute Southern accents
-the Dave Matthews Band
-Pride & Prejudice
-making money and spending it

Things I Dislike:

-obnoxious children
-being told what to do
-getting up early
-peanut butter
-Osama Bin Laden
-nasty southern accents that reek of white trash and goat farmers (as in the case of that fat old man on Survivor)
-Team Guido from Amazing Race
-body odor

Doesn't seem like much has changed in the past few years. Although that baseball playing firefighter isn't quite as high on the list as he once was.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Drunk and disorderly. I can't remember if I was trying to show off or was goofing off. Fun times regardless though.  Posted by Picasa

Thursday, August 04, 2005


I sold out. After a little peer pressure from others, I caved.

If you look to the links list on the right, you'll see that the link that once said, "Be a friend" now says, "Come visit MySpace." Yes, my friends I left behind Friendster and started a MySpace page. Apparently Friendster just ain't hackin' it with the kids these days. It's not the cool, new trendy thing anymore. Can't put video clips on Friendster. Don't think you can blog, either. In fact, Friendster you built up your base of actual friends (at least I did anyway). MySpace seems to have a lot of random people wanting to be your friend on there. Like on Friendster, you could put stuff like you were in an open marriage and not get a lot of random solicitations from strangers. But put that you're a swinger as a joke on MySpace and you get all sorts of horndogs wanting to get to know you a little more intimately. (So sorry Martha from New York, the picture of you and your titties that you sent me were lovely, but I'm not actually a swinger and/or interested. )

So don't be sad, Friendster. I'm sure I will come back and visit you from time to time. And if it makes you feel any better, I'm sure I will ditch MySpace when the next new trend comes out. It's just how I am. (You don't have to worry though, TurdFerguson....you're not going anywhere anytime soon. )

Monday, August 01, 2005


So, it's no secret that I'm hot for married dudes, right? I mean, I avoid bedding them because it's just straight up bad karma, but I can't help being attracted to them. I don't know why, and frankly, I wish I weren't. That aside, I always thought our DHL guy was kinda cute, and recently he hath separated from the wife. Well, it was brought to my attention that he was going to see Colin Quinn on Friday (a show that I had been wanting to see, but never got tickets for). So low and behold there remains tickets. Dianne was nice enough to be my date for this stalking mission. (And what a great date she was.) Well, never even saw DHL Dave. BUT Colin Quinn straight came right up to our table, grabbed my arm and said, "Don't worry, ladies. The show is going to be hilarious."

I'm in love.

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