Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Great Ratatouille Race 

So I ran my first 5k over Labor day weekend at Disneyland. It’s the happiest race on earth, ya know. And when I say "ran" I really mean, mostly ran. Carissa ran it. I, on the other hand, mostly ran it. During the first mile, significant running was done. The second mile, a good deal of running was done. The last mile, not so much running was done. Although, during that little 0.1 miles rounding the bend to the finish line, all running was done to make it look like I maybe made a good effort throughout the race. Heh heh. I at least did better than my dad expected. When asked by my mom how it was, I replied, "good." My dad followed up with, "Did you finish?" Uh, yeah dad. It’s only 3.1 miles. Give me a little credit. I’m not a complete orca whale. A seal with many layers of blubber, maybe. But not so tank-like that I can’t even finish 3.1 miles of walking/running. I’ve come a long way since running the backstops during junior high PE. Although it probably would have helped my finish time if I had Ms. Vanderpoel yelling into a bullhorn for me and my friends to get our heinies moving.

Anyway, here are some photographic highlights of the race.....

Getting ready before the race. Looking happy and energized having just polished off a PowerBar

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During the race. Less happy. Less energized. But still keep on keeping on
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You might not have easily spotted me here, so I provided a little help
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Memo with a nice stride coming out of the castle
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What I felt like after the race
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Yay, it’s over and I got this rad Ratatouille plastic cheese shaped medal. Giddyup!
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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Benign, bitches! 

Some of you may have been aware that they found a tumor in one of my mom's titties. She got the biopsy results today and it is benign. Yee haw!! My family is going through kind of a lot right now, so I couldn't be more relieved that the results came back good. Thanks to those of you keeping us in your thoughts and prayers. Thanks to you too Jesus! You got our back.

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