Thursday, November 24, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving Posted by Picasa

Merci beaucoup 

It being Thanksgiving and all, thought I might give a few shout outs to everything I am so grateful to have in my life. Though sometimes we don't have everything we want, oftentimes I think that everything we need, we already have and for that I am thankful.

I am thankful for my parents and my family and I pray for their continued health and safety.
I am thankful for all of my friends who accept me for who I am, despite my high levels of psychosis. (I pray for their health and safety too.)
I am thankful for having the absolute awesomest roommate ever. She is my domestic soulmate. (Her too - health and safety.)
I am thankful for my car, even though it is a God awful shade of green and has a rather large chunk broken off the bumper, it still gets me safely to every destination. (I pray for it's health and safety too, considering it directly reflects my health and safety.)
I am thankful for my job. I take it for granted sometimes, but really I've got a very sweet gig going on, not to mention some very kickass co-workers (for whom I pray for their health and safety.)
I am thankful for my cousin Stacey finding her true love Kevin, and wish the two of them a lifetime of happiness. (A trite wish, I know. Almost as trite as praying for their health and safety, but I really do wish it and really do pray for their health and saftey.)
I am thankful for Maurice, our maintenance guy, who came and killed a particulary hairy and heinously large red spider who made its home outside our front door. (Of course I pray for him, too. I DO NOT, however, pray for the health and safety of any spider, especially those who take up residence at Oaktree Court.)
I am thankful for Michael Vartan's parents coming together to produce the most beautiful man on earth. (Okay, at this point, if they're a good human being, I'm gonna pray for their health and safety. Osama, you are not on that list.)
I am thankful for the Rollwiches sandwich cafe on the corner of Yorba Linda and Placentia Ave. Not only do you have a large selection of options in building your sandwich, but they let you have the choice of a croissant as the bread! Can't do that at Subway. And the Cream of Broccoli soup kicks ass.
I am thankful for bad reality television as it not only entertains me but makes me realize that I am more normal than many people.
I am thankful for everything I have in my life. Except, of course, for that itchy burning sensation. (So totally kidding about that last part.)

Monday, November 14, 2005

You broke my magnet and my heart 

I woke up this Saturday morning post-impromptu party at our apartment to find that the magnet that William bought me in Hawaii (a bottle opener shaped like a bottle with a dolphin floating around in a bluish liquid) to be busted, placed back on my fridge upside down with a couple of drops of blue liquid still inside and the little plastic dolphin lying on my kitchen floor. Poor little bastard must have suffocated to death after laying out all night with no bluish liquid to swim and breathe in. But what hurts more is the murderous culprit could not find themself to confess their sin and instead tried to get away before I noticed. Well, I hope that karma revisits you and that one day you wake up to find your Chia Pet slaughtered.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

A strep in the wrong direction 

So, it could be worse. I could be dying or paralyzed or what have you. But having strep throat this last weekend really sucked ass. And yes, i'm going to tell you why. Not only did I have to skip the date I had Friday, but also the one I rescheduled for Sunday. I missed my friend Shelli's wedding ceremony, barely made the reception only to be able to tolerate sitting there for an hour and a half before breaking out in severe chills and aches (which might I add was the freakin nicest wedding I have ever been to. And it was at the Summithouse!!! Do you realize how wonderful the food at Summithouse is and how much it sucks that I could only bring myself to eat three bites of salad and a couple of carrot strings???? Keep in mind this is before the whole Strep infection came down, or at least that I knew the Strep had taken over my body.) I missed out on a couple of really cool Halloween parties, but even worse is I missed out on sporting my super cute Queen of Hearts costume that I layed down a pretty penny to purchase. Couple all of that with the aches, chills, fever, sleeplessness and overall agony that accompanies a strep infection. Not to mention what looks like a golf ball on the side of my neck from my lymph node that decided to swell up.

Every cloud has a silver lining, right?

I've now been able to see all of the I Love the 80's 3D series (except 1980), not to mention about 6 episodes of Xena:Warrior Princess. More time in the day to do homework and papers that have yet to be finished. Not having to listen to the crazies who call and come in to the office. And the best of all..No appetite= a weight loss of over 6 pounds. Hooray!

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