Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Have a brew, have a screw, Havasu 

Read that on a t-shirt once. And chances are that after this weekend I'll have one of my own. (Not to wear in public or anything.)

Yes, my friends. One more day of working for the man and then I'm off to a 5-day weekend of debauchery(sp?).

So, having never been to "the river" for an extended weekend, what is this total innocent to expect? Booze? Yes. Heat? Yes. Boys? Well, if I'm lucky.

Anything else?

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

If I ever went on Blind Date.... 


Age: 25

Occupation: sales assistant

Turn-ons: athletes; sense of humor

Turn-offs: crybabies; arrogance

Monday, June 21, 2004

It's been awhile, eh? 

Things that have been keeping me from blogging

-House hunting (for rent, not purchase =( )
-Packing my sh** to move (though still awhile away, thought I'd get a jump)
-Actually going out to lunch instead of staying at my cubicle surfing the net
-Trying to figure out why my checkbook is off by $14.78
-Reading Live from New York
-Laying by the pool (it's the good life)
-A new season of Coupling on BBC America
-Birthday present shopping for my boss
-Self-beauty treatments
-Attempts at cooking
-The PBS broadcast of the London Cast of Oklahoma!
-Swapping stories of broken hearts and desired loves
-Auditioning and purchasing a new brand of make-up (bare minerals, for those interested)
-Season One of Chappelle's Show (I'm rich, biotch!)

So there's why I've been gone. Here's why the blog might see another hiatus...

-Isabella's going away party (I'll miss you, girl)
-Bjorn's 2nd birthday party (in Bikini Bottom!!)
-4th of July weekend at the river
-Birthday present shopping
-Going away present shopping
-Swimsuit shopping
-Mega amounts of exercise to make the swimsuit shopping less painful
-More packing
-Reading The Wall Street Journal Guide to Money and Investing
-Lavender festival in Rainbow, CA
-Beginning to prepare to study for the Series 7 Exam
-Figuring out what the next six months of my life holds (more school, less school, no more school, break from school, teaching credential????)

I'll let ya know how it all plays out.

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