Tuesday, May 31, 2005

I'm baaaaaaaaack 

You miss me? Well, I'm sure at least Anonymous did. But I'm back now, so her life has a purpose again.

Things have been a little busy with skool and work, so I kinda took a bit of a hiatus, but summer is here and I'm back to posting. It got off to a pretty good start, too. Parents had a bbq on Saturday, so I got to see them and my family which is always awesome. Then Sunday afternoon I took the Amtrak down to San Diego and my fam down there picked me up and I chilled down there for awhile. Always a good time. And might I add what a sweet ass ride it is down to SD by train. Once you get out of San Juan Capistrano, it's coastline all the way. Nice.

So now that summer is here, I've got lots of plans. In fact, India and I went to our local IHOP for breakfast a week ago and while there, wrote out a list of all the things we want to do, places we want to go and stuff we should/have to do. I'll start off with the least fun stuff.....

-Go to dentist (Kristy)
-Go to doctor/gyno (Kristy) ---> check up, get back on pill
-Study for Series 7 (India)
-Study French (Kristy)
-Summer school (India)
-Go to Florida (India)
-Get sinewy (India/Kristy)

Places we want to go
-Catalina (possibly on a Catalina/Ensenada cruise)
-San Diego/Mexico
-Santa Maria (home of the Snowdens)/Santa Barbara/San Luis Obispo
-The beach (multiple times)
-Venice Beach/Santa Monica
-Baseball games
-Glen Ivy (the real one with the mud pits and stuff)
-Indian Casinos

Things we want to do
-Redecorate our apartment---> buy chaise lounge from Target.com, Shop at Pier 1/IKEA/Swap meet, order artwork, buy decorating mags/books, watch HGTV
-Have a party
-Go to Orlando's bodybuilding show and cheer him on to victory (Go Team Sanchez!!!)
-Drink the many bottles of wine we have
-Watch many many many movies
-Go bike riding/hiking
-Big Bad Voodoo Daddy in Lake Arrowhead (maybe)
-Jack Johnson(maybe)
-Play Grand Theft Auto
-Read for pleasure
-Go to Magic Mountain
-Write in journal/post to blog (Kristy)

So we have lotsa stuff we want to do. Don't know if we'll do/see it all, but I plan on having a kickass time trying. Happy Summer 2005 people.

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