Tuesday, October 09, 2007

So are y'all ready for scary? 

Someone hired me as a teacher.

You read right. In about two weeks I'm going to be a high school French teacher. I've been meaning to write back to all of those who wrote with their birthday wishes, but I've been really busy trying to 1) tackle my current university workload, 2) brush up on my French, since I haven't had a French class in a couple years now, and 3) figure out how in the hell I'm going to run my classroom. In fact, its going to be pretty crazy for the next several months, so I apologize for not writing to anyone.

I've experienced a wide variety of emotions surrounding my new position. Excitement obviously to have my first teaching job. Sadness for leaving the people at my current job. Anxiety about starting a class in the middle of the semester. Stress from all of the mad crazy planning and research I'm doing. Worrying about what my kids will think of me. Relief of having a job and not needing to student teach. And the pure happiness of knowing that I am finally going to start my career in education after what seems like a million years of going to school for it.

One clarification I need to make. A lot of people have joked that my young male students are going to be in trouble with me as their teacher. They joke that one day they are going to be reading the newspaper and discover my name in the headlines as the latest in the string of teachers who have decided to hook up with one of their students. Being the horndog that I am, I can see how one might come to this conclusion. However, I must reassure everyone out there that I am not slated to become the next Mary Kay Letourneau. For two reasons. The first being that I have never been a fan of the young ones. In fact, when I was in high school, I was the one trying to hook up with the teachers. I remember one day frantically putting more makeup on in my peer leadership class when I learned that Matt the Hot Sub was subbing my marine bio class. This trend of going for the older ones has stayed with me, as I have rarely dated anyone younger than me and the most age difference was by a couple of years. The other reason, and the more important one, is that I have been in college since God was a boy, so I would do nothing to risk having my credential pulled from me and be banned from a career in education. There is absolutely no chance that I would risk all of my years of hard work to hook up for a few minutes (cause you know it would only last a few minutes) with some teenage kid who doesn't know what they're doing anyway. It's just not going to happen.

So anyway, wish me luck because I'm terrified.

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