Friday, April 11, 2008

That's what she said 

My life is whole again. No, I did not get a job. No, I did not move out of my parents' garage. No, my friends. What completes my life is new episodes of The Office.

I've kept myself occupied during the whole writer strike by trying out new shows and renting the entire six seasons of The Sopranos. But I truly missed Michael Scott and all his shenanigans (sp?). I was quite pleased to finish critter sitting my nephews last night and open the ol' TIVO to find Office and 30 Rock just waiting for my undivided attention. And last night's episodes were pretty quality in my book. Then again, I'll laugh at almost anything.

For those of you concerned that all I've been doing the last few months is watching television, fear not. While much of my day is devoted to the boob tube as well as my Blockbuster online queue, I spend ample amounts of time in my garden. There is much to do outdoors! If I'm not fertilizing the freshly planted lavendar and wallflower, I'm tending to my sweet peas and delphiniums and rescuing defenseless lizards from the mouths of hungry cats. I also spend a good amount of time playing tense games of Old Maid and Go Fish with my nephews. I've been reading a lot, too. I recently finished Eat, Pray, Love and have moved on to What Your Fifth Grader Should Know. Some have advised that I use the opportunity to be on a reality television show. I have considered signing up for CMT's Make Me a High School Cheerleader Again, but am not sure I'm ready to showcase my tanklike features to the world just yet.

I will say that I recently received the motivation to actually seriously hunt for a job again. Not because I've run out of money, but because the last of my unemployed friends just got a job. My thought was that as long as I wasn't the only one, it's okay. But it seems that period is over. So back to work for The Man I go.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Meet Olive Carmela Stegopuss Grauer 

This sweet little orange ball of fur is the latest addition to the Grauer family. I've been hounding my dad to let us adopt this kitty after it turns out that Amelie (our black cat) turned out to be a raving bitch. I begged my dad to let my mom have Amelie because my mom was alone all day in the house and depressed. Unfortunately, Amelie turned out to be one of the meanest cats I've ever met. Beautiful, but psycho. Now two years later, my mom is far from alone. She has both her kids and her nephews plus my dad and two cats living with her. A full house to say the least.

Anyway, Olive was a neighbor's cat that someone else was supposed to take as a kitten, but backed out. Since they already had 5 cats (and you thought I was a cat person), they were going to take her to the pound. She is the sweetest thing, so full of love and the complete opposite of Amelie. I couldn't bear to see her go to the pound, so I worked on my dad for weeks with a variety of convincing arguments. He finally cracked about a week ago. As you can see, we couldn't agree on a name. I wanted Carmela, but everyone hated that. (I'm going through a Sopranos phase.) The boys wanted Stegopuss after I showed them a SNL commercial from years back called Action Cats, which showed live cats with missles and armor strapped to their backs. (Not to be confused with the more recent Laser Cats on SNL.) I also suggested Elaine (for my Seinfeld addiction), but they didn't go for that. I finally suggested Olivia (from Shakespeare's Twelfth Night) and came to a compromise with Olive. So there it is, Olive Carmela Stegopuss Grauer. A true pedigree name.

Also as you might have already noticed, I changed the name of the blog. I felt the need for a change since I've had the old WWW title since the beginning 4 years ago. I decided on CCL since I'm well on my way to being one. I've always said I'd rather have cats than kids. With dogs and kids, you have to scoop poop or wipe ass. Cats bury theirs. That's the attraction. I have a real problem with feces. Erica bought me a "Crazy Cat Lady" figurine as a joke awhile back, and now with two cats, it's a slippery slope to my next 10 or so. All I need is my own house and lonely, manless future. Well, I'm halfway there.

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