Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Au revoir whackjobs, see you in 4..... 

Ok, Mrs. R you asked for it.....

I've been gone awhile. I'll post about all the ongoings of my absence another day, but no better topic to bring me out of hiding than Election Day.

Yup, I voted. I'm proud to say I submitted Spongebob Squarepants as a write in candidate for President of the United States. Ok, not really. But don't ask me who I voted for, one because it doesn't matter now that everything is over and two, I won't tell you anyway. I say this because I've never really been one for political discussion, but to be honest I get sick of eye rolls or lectures when I do disclose my differing voting preferences.

It kinda all started 8 years ago. I wouldn't say I was an avid supporter of W, but I wasn't ashamed to say I was voting for him. Being in the TV/Film program at the time I took a ton of criticism from my primarily liberal counterparts. In 2004 I opted not to vote because I was over W, but wasn't crazy about Kerry and didn't want to vote for what I though was the lesser of two evils. Though I do regret not voting because it really is important to vote and wish I had not have taken my right for granted. But this election I was pretty undecided. I've usually leaned right most of my life, but I don't like to vote for the whoever is the Republican candidate just because I am. And actually, if my lazy ass had gotten around to it, I'd be re-registered as American Independent right now, but my procrastinating ways have once again gotten the best of me. But anyway, this election was really difficult for me. I really struggled with my decision, but for me the bright side was (I thought) that when people asked me who I was voting for and I said "undecided" that I would be left alone. Wasn't the case. I went in for an appointment a couple of weeks ago and my opthalmologist (yes, I have one and will get into that another post)asked me who I was voting for, and he went off. "What do you mean you're undecided?" I told him that I remain largely conservative on many issues, but can't help but see what the other side has to offer." He didn't like that answer. I also said that I was having trouble deciding about Sarah Palin's ability to run our country in the event she needs to step up. Really didn't like that. So I sat through a 5 minute lecture about how Obama will ruin our country then picked up my eyeball steroids and was on my way. Work wasn't any better. In one of our staff meetings someone asked, "Everyone here is for McCain, right?" and one girl made the mistake of saying she wanted Obama. Bad move on her part. Turned into a political debate which I would have preferred not to have had to witness. I told the girl afterwards not to let the rest of the office get her down and she had the right to vote for whoever the F she wanted.

I get that people are passionate and this was certainly a very historic election, not to mention highly controversial in California. But I absolutely hate it when people push their political views on me and make me feel dumb if my voting opinions differ from theirs. I thought I was given a free pass for being undecided this season, but I was wrong and God forbid I actually consider both candidates! So I'm not going to broadcast who and what I voted for, nor chastise anyone for voting opposite of me. I'll tell ya what I will spew my opinion on though.....election season nutjobs. In my opinion elections bring out the worst in some and the following people to me are the real whackjobs in America.

Let's start with the sign stealers. Who are these turds? If you don't like someone's sign, then put an opposing sign in your yard. Hell, put ten signs, I don't care. But don't steal someone elses! That's theft you ahole. My co-worker told me one guy got so sick of his sign being stolen that he wired it to give a shock to anyone who touched it. Now, with all the stories and rumors out there I'm not sure if it was true or not, but if it was power to him. Serves ya right ya little creeps.

Then I hear there was a lady who would withhold Halloween candy from trick or treaters whose familes supported Obama. WTF? Sure, it's your right to give candy to whoever you want, but imagine the look on those kids' faces when they were denied candy. They don't even have the right to vote yet and they are being discriminated against for what their families believe. Shame on you lady.

How about that chick who faked an attack by an Obama supporter? I saw a picture of this dumbshit with the letter "B" branded on her forehead. Who the hell does that? Its crap like that that helps ruin the credibility of your party, didya ever think of that you stupid bitch?

But finally, the biggest dipshit of all.....the hanging Sarah Palin guy. Don't give me that freedom of speech bullshit, or it falls under the spirit of halloween crap. She's a human being for crying outloud, with small children no less. Its not like you were doing a generic old halloween hanging or some bloody carcass(sp?), haunted graveyard, whatever. You made up a doll to look like Palin and strung it up in your yard with McCain looking on as the devil (or whatever angle you were attempting with that). You are King Turd in my book buddy and I hope somebody snaps off your penis and hangs it from their Cottonwood. OK, that's a bit harsh. I don't wish that, but do hope he realizes what a stupid prick he is.

Wow, election brings out the nicest mouth in me, eh? Call me one of the whackadoos, but at least you won't have to hear me rant on this for four more years.

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