Saturday, April 08, 2006

I invented a game (kind of) 

So, I don't know if you all remember the game "Slugbug" growing up. If not, I'll recap: You're driving down the street (usually on a roadtrip, but not necessarily) when along comes a VW Beetle. You hit the person next to you and yell, "Slugbug!"

Before it used to be that we'd see Beetles everywhere and that's what made the game fun. If you were the victim of "slugbug" then chances are you were going to be able to get the slugger back because it wouldn't be long until you saw another VW. Well these days those old ass VW's aren't around as much anymore - they've either all died a slow death, or aren't fast enough to be on the freeway. However, I believe I've found something comparable to the frequency of sightings for this century - Bluetooth wireless cellphone earpieces. Now, when I first saw these things I was like, WTF? When they first came out they tried to sell me one at Verizon when I upgraded my phone. "Uhhhh, no." Now I see them practically everywhere. Mostly on what appears to be middle-aged men out and about waiting for that important business transaction to come through (or their mistress to call). In fact, I bet I know a few brokers who own one. And is it just me, or do these things cry out, "Hi, I'm a tool." (Sorry if you do have one.)

At any rate, my version of slugbug is similar. Anytime you see someone wearing one, you hit the person next to you and yell, "Bluetooth!" Now, preferably you should bite the person then yell bluetooth because it seems more appropriate for the title. But somehow I don't think a lot of people will go for that one. (I know Holly wouldn't have had I bit her last night at the Angels game when I saw like 50 of them pass by.) So spread the word kids! Bluetooth is the new Slugbug!

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Two reasons why Daylight Savings sucks 

1) I am robbed of a precious hour of sleep

2) Little bastard children can run around and scream outside for longer because it doesn't get darker until later

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